Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Year Old

Today you turn one years old and Momma cannot believe it! Each day that you have been in our lives has been one of the greatest blessings from God. Daddy and Mommy cannot imagine our lives without you and we are thankful for the opportunity to parent you. For your special day we went to Chick-fil-a and celebrated with one of your friends even letting you boys play in the play area after you ate lunch. When Daddy got home from work we ate your favorite dinner spaghetti and green beans and then Mommy made you some bananna pudding for dessert. Our little monkey still loves his banannas! We played outside, took a bath, read some stories, put you to bed and prayed over your little life and the years to come.

Reasons why I adore my son and milestones I want to remember:
~you are officially a toddler and no longer a baby
~you have been such a good boy playing by yourself often while Momma has been sick with the new baby:(
~you are learning to listen when we tell you not to climb the stairs
~you love playing with other children and look forward to our playdates

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
Weight- 23 lbs. 9 0z.
Length- 30 1/2 inches

Mommy and Daddy cannot believe their first-born son is one years old today! This past year has been filled with many joys, hard days, laughter, tears, new emotions experienced, and great pride. We are so thankful to Jesus for choosing us to be your parents and we are anxious to see how He will continue to allow us to help shape you into the man God created you to be. We desperately desire for you to believe the Gospel and to allow God's love to transform your heart. We are excited to keep living life with you sweet boy and see all the new things you will learn and accomplish this next year. Thank you for loving us and know our love is forever and we are here for you!


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