Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nine Months

Elijah you are nine months today! You have been a part of Daddy and Mommy's life for now 18 months (that is longer than just the time it was the two of us) but we would not change a thing:) This month you started table food and let me tell you I don't think there is anything that you have tried that you don't absolutely LOVE! You have been such a good boy while Daddy and Mommy finish out another semester of grad school. We are thankful that this holiday season we are able to slow down a little and enjoy the holidays through your precious eyes.

Reasons why I adore my son and milestones to remember:
~ you ate grilled chicken, string cheese, tortellini, applesauce, green beans, yogurt and mandarin oranges all for the 1st time
~celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving with Daddy, Mommy, and Aunt Kristen
~you are not a big fan of your winter coat but with weather in the 20's here in NC you have learned that bundling up is not an option
~started wearing 18 month footed pajamas to bed...Mommy just might have shed a tear that night
~enjoyed playing in your 1st snow
~survived teething pains and you now have 6 teeth

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
Weight- 21 lbs. 4 oz.
Length- 30 inches

Mommy cannot believe that she has a nine-month old son living in her house. That is crazy how fast nine months have flown by with you as our son. This month was especially fun because we were able to see you enjoy table foods like a big boy. Needless to say you have LOVED everything we have given you and are constantly asking for more. You are able to drink out of your sippy cup really well which is great. It has been really cold these past few weeks but you have learned that we must bundle you up if you still want to go for walks and be outside. Last weekend was your first chance to see snow and you tried to eat it of course:) We have really enjoyed watching you change before our eyes as you continue to mature and grow each day. You have had a few rough nights with teeth #'s 5 and 6 breaking through and have wanted to nurse in the middle of the night. Even though Mommy has been more tired she has enjoyed the sweet times with you comforting you and praying over you sweet boy. We continue to pray that God will be your one consuming passion and you will be saved at young age. We are excited to experience your first Christmas and teach you the importance of Jesus birth at Christmas time.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas!

I love Shutterfly! My mom first introduced me to Shutterfly after our wedding. We ordered pictures for the scrapbook that my mom compiled for us of the pre-wedding festivities, wedding day, and our honeymoon. I have never been disappointed with the quality of pictures, but have been so impressed with the wonderful website, fast delivery time, and overall awesomeness of this company. Last year we even ordered Elijah's birth announcements from Shutterfly. We received so many compliments and have since told several people about Shutterfly.

This year I told Jason that I really wanted to send out a Christmas card rather than write a letter like we have been doing. One because of the time factor with a 9 month old and finishing grad classes I don't have time to write a letter and two I thought it would be fun to let our family and friends see pictures of our ever-growing boy! So the hard part was narrowing down my selection and finally choosing the Christmas card that I thought would be perfect for our family.

Here is the link so you too can peruse awesome Christmas cards:

And I will leave you with two of favorites that did not make the final cut:)

Shutterfly is AWESOME about giveaways and great promotions all year long so my vote is for you to choose Shutterfly as your one stop shop for Christmas cards and all other photo needs you may have!

And did I mention that just for doing this blog post I receive 50 free Christmas cards...can it get any better?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eight Months

This month you are looking more like a little man than our baby. We are so in love you with Elijah and thankful that we get to be your parents. You have really taken a liking to solid foods and you are continuing to cut some more teeth to prove you are ready for table food.

Reasons why I adore my son and milestones I want to remember:
~you are growing so big, you don't fit in 9 month clothes anymore now you are wearing 12 months
~you decided that bottles are for babies and you prefer to nurse or drink from your sippy cup
~learned to give big, open-mouth kisses to Mommy and Daddy
~celebrated Halloween as the cutest dragon ever at a friend's church fall festival and trick or treating
~learned to sit-up and started pulling on the crib so we had to lower your crib to keep you safe
~said "da-da" for the first time

Another month of no doctor's appointments but Mommy can tell you are continuing to put on the pounds as her arm gets tired easier carrying you around:)

Each month as you grow bigger and continue to discover the world around you we are amazed at the gift God gave us. We love being your parents and having the extreme privilege to care for you each day. There is no doubt that you are a talker from the time your eyes open up in the morning you start talking to your animals in the crib and then when you see Daddy or Mommy you squeal in delight. Sometimes we have to remind you to use your indoor voice because you get excited very easily. You loved your dragon costume for Halloween and had a fun time at the church fall festival and trick or treating. This month you have been such a good eater and sleeper and this has made the days so much fun! We love every day that we have with you and are thankful to experience life as a family of three. Mommy cannot believe you are 8 months old and hardly my little baby anymore. But I also love the independence you are gaining and am excited to continue to have the first row seat as you grow into a little boy. I love you son!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Saturday night we were invited to join our dear friends and neighbors the Rainers out at their church in Zebulon. We had a great evening filled with food, hayrides, a train ride, bounce house, and lots of fun! Elijah was a dragon and thoroughly enjoyed his costume and everyone telling him how cute he was.

Rachel with Canon the lion and Robin with Elijah the dragon

  Here he is smiling big with his Grandma when we first arrived at the church!
 Daddy said I was the happiest, smiling dragon he ever did see:)

 Look at me, I'm the first dragon wearing glasses that Grandpa let me borrow 

Sunday we were invited to trick or treat with Elliot and his mom on North Main Street in Downtown Wake Forest. Aunt Kristen was able to join us later on and we met lots of people that we knew while we were out and about. Here is one picture of Charlie Brown and the dragon along with their Momma's:)
All in all I would say Elijah had a great first Halloween! We are excited as our family grows and our children get older to be able to enjoy dressing our children up and actively sharing our faith with the neighbors on this day each year when they come to our house looking for some treats!

Monday, October 25, 2010

NC State Fair Madness

Ever since Jason and I moved to Wake Forest, NC everyone here always talked about the State Fair that comes to Raleigh every October. Last October our sweet neighbors J and D invited us to go with them to enjoy the craziness commonly referred to as the state fair. I was five months pregnant at the time and both couples had such a great time eating, walking around, eating some more, talking, eating again that we decided we would make this an annual tradition between the two families. Originally we were going to bring Elijah with us this year, but it just happened to work out that Nana was in town so she was kind enough to babysit for the evening. Thank goodness we did not bring him because it took us almost 2 hours from the time we left Wake Forest until we entered the fairgrounds. The traffice was crazy and there were hundreds of people walking everywhere trying to get into the fair.

As soon as we entered we did not waste anytime in finding our favorite spots to chow down. J & D have the route all planned out so we know exactly where the best fair food is and the best order to gobble all kinds of yumminess. We started out pigging out on some ham biscuits, steak on a stick and ribbon fries. Then we each ate a dill pickle while walking around the exhibits. We love looking at the decorative cakes that win the top prizes. Next we consumed cinnamon sugar donuts, fried cookie dough, and chocolate covered fruit. On the way out we stopped and picked up ham biscuits to go and sipped on hot apple cider.

Besides all of the delicious food we ate despite the mass of people everywhere we enjoyed the company of our great friends. We love J &D very much but unfortunately our lives are so busy that we do not get to see them often. But we look forward to our time at the fair each year to catch up, laugh together, eat together, and genuinely enjoy rich conversation. Who knows how many years the Lord will have us in Wake Forest but until we move you can bet that each October we will find a time to enjoy the NC State Fair with our wonderful neighbors!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Seven Months

Two weeks ago today our baby turned seven months old. Mommy was busy finishing a grad class and then we had family come in town so sorry for the delay in posting. Month seven has been so much fun and Elijah continues to grow daily. I love watching him interact with the world around him in new ways. I believe that Elijah continues to bring more joy into our family on a daily basis.

Reasons why I adore my son and milestones I want to remember:
~this was a big month for trying new foods including squash, carrots, sweet potatoes,green beans, pears, apples, bananas, and peaches along with oatmeal in the mornings
~you hate peas just like your Mommy:)
~you learned to self feed yourself peach puffs which you LOVE!
~you showed the begining signs of seperation anxiety at MOPS the 1st time but you did better when we went back this week
~going many places like the pumpkin patch, Cheesecake factory, 1st birthday party for a friend-no matter where you are you LOVE people and will smile at almost anyone
~learned to clap your hands and have started to scoot/crawl backwards

No doctor's appointment this month but I know you continue to grow as you LOVE to eat all kinds of food!

This month we celebrated Daddy's birthday on October 14th and you were so excited to give him your card that you wrote. When Daddy read it he had tears in his eyes of joy over the great blessing you are in his life. I echo the same thought to you sweet boy. Each day is a gift from God and we strive to show you our love in many ways. As you continue to grow older and learn to do more things never forget you will always be our firstborn. This month we have seen your personality really begin to shine when it comes to expresssing yourself and trying to get what you want. You have become very vocal and will wake up chatting and babbling talking to your sock monkeys in the crib. We love peaking in on you at night and especially in the morning and watching you sleep so sweetly. Mommy and Daddy love you son and will continue to ask God to save you at a young age. Thank you for being such a happy baby!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nana came to stay

This past wekeend Elijah's Nana came to visit him. Unfortunately Papa and Aunt Amy could not make the trip this time, but we will look forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving! As always the weekend flew by and we wished Nana could have stayed longer. The days were packed with lots of fun and many kisses for Elijah. Nana flew in Thursday night so one of my neighbors and I drove to RDU to pick her up. Friday morning we hung out at the house because I was watching both boys. A dear friend from years past came to visit and we all enjoyed a lovely visit with her. As I get older and now that I am a mommy I am learning to treasure friendships and truly appreciate every minute that you are able to invest in other people as time is fleeting. We loved talking for hours about our faith in God, our families, memories from yesteryear, and the incredible love of God that compels us to continue to pursue relationships and opportunities He places in our lives. While we were talking I was also able to make a delicious crockpot lasagna that was very easy!

Friday afternoon we planned to make a Sam's Club run since I knew that it would be much more difficult to take two boys by myself. Our trip was a little delayed due to the dead battery in my car. Thankfully my sweet neighbor's husband was able to jump my car so I could drive it to the shop where they kindly installed a new battery for me. Not to be deterred we were off to Sam's Club to enjoy delcious snacks and stock up on household items.  Then we returned home to enjoy the crockpot lasagna in which my mother-in-law was able to join us for dinner. After dinner Jason had to take an online final and the girls and Elijah played and went on a walk.

Saturday was a bit rough for Elijah still adjusting to eating solid foods and eliminating what he ate:) but we were still able to have a nice time with my grandmother and aunt who live in Cary. They came for an early lunch and to spend time with Elijah.

 That afternoon we celebrated with our neighbor Canon for his 1st birthday party. Happy Birthday Canon! Canon and Jason share the same birthday which is pretty special. It was great to see many friends and lots of fun was had by all. Saturday night we ventured to the NC State Fair with our neighbors while Nana babysat Elijah. We had a great time but I will write a seperate post about that.

Sunday we went to church and Elijah came home with Nana while Jason and I taught the 2 year olds. Elijah had a rough morning at church so he slept most of the afternoon and then we all got ready so we could hear Jason preach at the Nursing Home. Once again Jason did an amazing job sharing the Gospel and encouraging the residents. We came home for Elijah to enjoy his first piece of watermelon and then we all headed to bed. Monday morning I drove mom back to the airport and wished her well as she flew back to Maryland.

Thanks Nana for coming to visit we had so much fun! We love you and hope you can come visit soon! Bring Papa and Aunt Amy too next time you come!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jason!

Happy 24th Birthday Sweetheart!!! Elijah and I are so thankful that God created you and allowed you to enter this world on October 14, 1986. In honor of your special day we decided to share 24 reasons why we love you and are thankful you are the best husband/daddy in the whole world. I will share one reason and then Elijah will tell me another reason and we will switch back and forth.

Robin- you love the Lord with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength
Elijah- loving Mommy so well
Robin- your constant pursuit of me in our marriage amazes me
Elijah- working hard to buy me diapers and many more things
Robin- providing for our family above and beyond by working many hours
Elijah- you love to play with me as soon as you get home
Robin- greeting me at the door with a hug and a kiss when you return from work
Elijah- that silly voice and facial expressions you make only for me
Robin- the way you enthusiastically play with our son
Elijah- getting me ready for bed each night before mommy feeds me
Robin-praying every day for God's grace to be evident in our lives
Elijah- kissing me ALL the time:)
Robin- tenderly correcting me when I am in sin
Elijah-taking me fun places where we can have lots of fun together
Robin-sacrificing personal hobbies so we can spend time together
Elijah-helping mommy feed me, bathe me, and take care of me when she needs a break
Robin- working full-time while attending Seminary so I can be a stay-at-home mom
Elijah- letting me laugh at your silly comments you make
Robin- desiring to lead our family spiritually in a way that honors God
Elijah-taking me on nice long walks where I can enjoy the outdoors
Robin- constantly evaluating how we are leveraging our lives for the Gospel and where we need to grow
Elijah- teaching me how to be a respectful young boy and to treat the ladies right
Robin-being my lover, best friend, prayer warrior, encourager, accountability partner, husband, and father!!!
Elijah- being the best daddy ever!!!

We love you and are SO proud of who you are and all that you do for our family. Thank you for working for us, providing for us, fighting for us, and loving us so well.
Robin and Elijah

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Visit with Grandpa and Grandma

Grandpa and Grandma Purdy came to Wake Forest this past weekend to celebrate Jason's birthday and spend some quality time with their grandson. Unfortunately Jason ended up working VERY long hours both Friday and Saturday night, but on Sunday we were able to all hang out as a family. My in-laws are the best and thankfully they were able to watch Elijah on Friday night while I went out with our small group girls. Daddy was supposed to be home but he did not get home until 8:00pm:( From what I hear Elijah was spoiled rotten I mean lovingly taken care of by Grandpa and Grandma all night long. They had fun feeding him, playing with him, and just enjoying their first grandson.

On Saturday all of us hung out at the house (except Jason who was working) and had a great time playing with Elijah, visiting with one another, and watching some good fall football. I am so thankful for both my father-in-law who is the most generous person I have met and my mother-in-law who has a compassionate heart. Together they make wonderful grandparents and Elijah is blessed to have them in his life. Their daughter Kristen recently moved to Raleigh and now Elijah loves having Aunt Kristen close by to stop in for a visit or give him snuggles on the couch.

Sunday we decided to stay home from church because Jason was exhausted from his work week, a little under the weather health wise, and to finally spend time as a family! It was the PERFECT day!!! Our family of three hung out in our P.J.'s all morning eating a special breakfast, playing, putting together a puzzle, and enjoying one another's company. Then at lunch time Grandpa and Grandma came over to play and hang out with us. My mother-in-law and I ended up finding awesome deals at a children's consignment sale while all the boys stayed at the house. Once again my in-laws blessed our family of three by purchasing many winter outfits and a few toys for our son. When we got back everyone watched a movie (except Elijah who got a little restless so we went on a walk) because that is what Jason wanted to do for his birthday. That night in honor of the birthday celebration we ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory and had a great time where the food was delicious! We could not think of a better way to end the weekend enjoying great food and a special time with our family. We love the Purdy family and are so grateful they love our family of three so well!

Jason received a new GPS for his birthday which was a very needed gift now that he is driving full-time at work. Anybody that knows my husband knows what an AWESOME guy he is but directions are NOT his strongpoint:)!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Six Months

On Wednesday our baby turned six months old. I cannot believe that he is half-way to being a toddler and not a baby anymore! Six months ago I was in labor and about to deliver our sweet son not knowing the incredible amount of joy that he would bring into our lives. Well six months later here we are with Elijah Daniel living each day trying to make memories that will last a lifetime. Month six has continued to be one of daily change and constant growth as Elijah interacts with the world around him.

Reasons why I adore my son and milestones I want to remember:
~your laugh and smiles alone will brighten even the hardest day
~you love playing with toys that we give you
~your independence brings a smile to my face because you are taking after Mommy in this area:)
~each day you continue to interact with the world around you in a different way than when you were a baby
~you are now wearing size 3 diapers and are beginning to adjust to rice cereal and other baby foods

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
Weight-18 pounds 8 oz.
Length-27 1/2 inches

My sweet baby boy is half a year old and Mommy is so proud of you. Each morning when I go into your room you are dancing in your crib with a big smile on your face begging me to come rescue you! I love reaching down to get you knowing a new day has begun where I am here to take care of you, laugh with you, and get lots of smiles from you. Right now you are taking your afternoon nap and I hope you sleep for awhile because you are not feeling well. Last night was so rough and Mommy felt so sorry that there was not much she could do for you when you kept waking up. Being sick is no fun sweetheart but never forget that Mommy is here and loving you the best way she knows how with the love Jesus has given us. We are so excited to see how you will continue to grow and develop into a great man and one day husband and father to your own children.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Five Months

Well Mommy is proud of herself she is all caught up on documenting your month-to-month posts on the blog! In two days you will turn six months old and you will be half-way to one year old when you will not be considered a baby anymore. Don't worry you will always be my baby Elijah! The first two weeks of August were busy with a few weekend trips before we would hunker down for the semester. Daddy started classes the fourth week of August so we wanted to enjoy the last few days of summer and we sure did!

Reasons why I adore my son and milestones I want to remember:
~1st sit-up while playing with Momma
~Consistently rolling over from front-to-back and more leaving you alone even for a second!
~Met Mrs. Hess one of Daddy's special high school teachers
~Spent a great weekend staying with the Hesch's at Liberty University the college where Mommy and Daddy met 5 years ago
~Mommy started taking care of another little boy on Monday and Fridays and you are learning how to share:)
~Daddy started his new job which the Lord graciously provided for our family...we are SO proud of you Daddy!!!

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
We got to skip another month yay! But we do know your weight and height from another appnt that we had this month.
Weight- 17 lbs and 10 oz.
Length- 27 inches

This month Mommy has loved watching you and Daddy really form a solid relationship. You LOVE everything about him and want to be with him in his arms whenever he is home. Because of this new job he is able to spend quite a few hours with you each night, and I treasure the relationship you are cultivating with your Daddy. I pray that God will draw your hearts together as Daddy strives to teach you how to be a man of God. I know you are young but I hope you learn quickly how much your Daddy sacrifices for you. He wakes up early to complete schoolwork, works long hours, and goes to school on his "day off" so you and me can stay at home. I know he does all of this joyfully but I hope we will continue to look for ways to show our appreciation! Your smiles and infectious laughter sure make your Daddy's day so keep those coming. We love you Elijah Daniel and are so excited to see how God will use you one day to impact His kingdom. Keep smiling, loving people, and teaching Mommy and Daddy how to follow after Jesus every day.

Four Months

Month Four was another busy month with a trip to Williamsburg for Matt and Leslie's wedding. Grandpa and Grandma Purdy were able to join us and we enjoyed a great long weekend at their condo. They spoiled you, Mommy, and Daddy rotten when we went outlet shopping and ate at nice restaurants. You went on your first ghost tour in historic Williamsburg- you did pretty good until it was bed time and you were hungry:)

Reasons I adore my son and milestones I want to remember:
~Attended the Homan wedding where daddy was a groomsman
~Nana came to visit for a few days and both Mommy and you got sick:(
~Hard time falling asleep without nursing for a long time each night
~Finally stopped middle of the night feedings and began a dream feed around 10:30pm
~Met Uncle Scott and Poppy for the first time when they visited from Georgia
~Neighborhood cookout and celebration of the 4th of July
~1st roll over to back while laying on the floor in your room
~Stick out your tongue and blow rasberries

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
Weight- 16 lbs. 6 oz.
Length- 26 1/2 inches
Another round of shots was given to you sweet boy but you were a trooper and we made it through!

Even when it took me three hours to finally get you to sleep one night this month Mommy was still in awe of the gift God has given Daddy and me in you our son. We love you and are so proud of the way you continue to grow and change each day. Both sets of grandparents have commented that you are growing like a weed and we can hardly keep clothes on you before you outgrow them. Hence the shopping spree with Grandpa and Grandma in Williamsburg! You have started to adjust well to self soothing yourself if you wake up in the middle of the night. There were a few nights when you were hungry and I obviously fed you sweet boy, but overall you are starting to transition into sleeping 8 hours at a time...yay!!! The first three weekends were busy with the neighborhood cookout, Matt and Leslie's wedding, and Nana coming to visit but your love for people is already evident and we are praying that God continues to mold you into His boy that will care for the needs of other both physically and spiritually. We love you and cannot wait to see what month five brings our way.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Months

Month three brought many trips in the car to fun places and your first vacation! First, we traveled to Maryland for you to meet the rest of Mommy's family and attend Charles wedding at the Naval Academy on Memorial Day. Then we drove to Virginia for one of Mommy's dear friends Christine's wedding where you met the Hesch's. Finally you drove all the way to Florida (12 hours in the car and you were a champ!) for us to board our cruise ship. Nana and Papa generously offered to take Daddy, Mommy, and you on your first Disney cruise and a day at SeaWorld Mommy's favorite theme park. We sailed on the Disney Wonder to Nassau Bahamas and Disney's private island Castaway Cay. To say we had a great time and made many wonderful memories is a HUGE understatement. Thanks Nana and Papa for loving our family so well!

Reasons I adore my son and milestones to remember:
~Attended 2 more weddings since you entered the world
~First vacation on the Disney Cruise and day at SeaWorld
~1st roll over from back to front while playing on your playmat
~Helped Daddy and Mommy celebrate two wonderful years of marriage while being babysat by Anthony and Stephanie
~Grandpa and Grandma came to visit to watch you while Daddy and Mommy packed for our first big road trip since you came along:)
~Had several playdates with neighbors and friends from church

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
We actually skip a month and don't go to the doctor until you are 4 months, but Mommy's guess is that you are 14-15 pounds!

Mommy is so in love with you! Each day you keep getting cuter and your smiles are adorable. You really are a happy boy unless you are hungry or sleepy. This month has brought many wonderful memories we will treasure for a lifetime. I affectionately call you my chunky monkey because of your love for eating and Mommy's good milk that is putting the pounds on you. Your beautiful blue eyes and blonde baby peach fuzz melts my heart every time I lay my eyes on you. Each day you continue to grow and change and become more active. This month was a big month for developing your interaction skills. Daddy and Mommy love the way that you smile each day and laugh with us often. You bring great joy to our hearts.

Two Months

Month Two was a busy month for you Elijah. You took your first road trip, more relatives came to visit and meet you for the first time, and Daddy watched you all by himself so Mommy could attend her Seminary wives class.

Here are a few reasons why I love you and milestones I want to remember:
~You eat every 3 hours and sometimes will go 5-6 hours in between feedings at night which is great!
~First small group outing at 4 weeks old and met more of Daddy and Mommy's friends
~First smile at 5 weeks old and 1st laugh at 11 weeks and yes they melted Momma's heart
~Slept 6 hours at 6 weeks old in between night feedings
~Walk at the park with your friend Canon and you loved it!
~Road trip to MD to see Nana and Papa- great traveler already
~First wedding of Mommy's old college friend Amanda
~1st boo-boo when Mommy and Nana were cutting your sweet fingernails

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
Weight- 13 pounds and 3 oz.
Length- 24 inches
Shots were also given to you sweet boy but you handled them well and Mommy cried more than you I believe

Month two just keeps getting better. You are becoming a professional eater and since your growth spurts occur every week Mommy feels like we have continued on with spending many hours a day b-feeding! But I am so thankful you are a healthy baby boy and continuing to grow strong. We love you so much and thank God all the time for the love He has given us for you. When you got your first shots Mommy cried and Daddy had to help both you and me keep it together. Knowing that this will only be the first time pain is experienced in your life reminds me to cling to Jesus and ask Him to make you a courageous man ready to fight the battle. My prayer for you this month is that you would understand that the love Mommy and Daddy have for you pales in comparison to the great love Jesus has you precious boy.

One Month

I know this post is well almost five months late but my new blogging goal is to create each of his month milestone posts before he turns six months in one week. We will have to see if this really happens.

Here are a few reasons why I love you and milestones to remember:
~Many people came to visit you at the hospital and when we arrived home you are already a very loved little boy!
~ Night 2 was spent in your crib and you did pretty well
~Gained back your birth weight and some by your 4 day old love to eat:)
~Adjusted to b-feeding from the begining but Mommy enjoyed it starting at week 2 after her milk regulated
~1st bottle at 3 weeks old given by G.G. (Great Grandma) when she came to meet you and help Mommy
~1st babysitters (Nana and Grandma) when Mommy and Daddy went on a date at 3 weeks old
~Celebrated Easter Sunday and Christ's Resurrection at the Summit Church with both sides of the family

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
Weight- 11 lbs. and 12 oz.
Length- 22 and 3/4 inches

Mommy and Daddy love you so much and cannot believe the joy you have brought into our lives. This first month of life has been a time of adjustment but we would not trade it for anything. You really are a great baby! From the moment you were born your favorite past time has been eating. And although at times all I feel I do is feed you I love b-feeding and am thankful that it has worked so well for us! We began praying for you sweet boy since the moment we found out I was pregnant and now that you are here we will continue to pray that God will show you His love at a young age. You are a precious gift from the Lord and a blessing we do not deserve. Mommy and Daddy hope to teach you about Jesus and model the Gospel for you each day as you grow older. We love you our first born and look forward to many more months together!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elijah's Birth Day Story!

Beware this will be the longest post ever but I want to remember every detail as best as I can!:) March 1st which was my due date and let's just say the day came and the day went with not too much fanfare. I went for my 40 week appointment and the doctor said that I was only 50% effaced and not dilated at all. He was gracious and scheduled my induction for the following Monday if our sweet boy decided to stay inside his nice home. Needless to say I left the doctor's office pretty discouarged but determined to walk this baby out the following week before I would be induced on March 8th. The rest of the week creeped by with great support from my amazing husband, awesome neighbors, and many wonderful friends.

My mom decided that she would go ahead and make the trip down to NC on Friday March
5th to entertain me while Jason worked on Friday and Saturday. That weekend passed pretty quickly with many hours of walking, eating good food, and enjoyed many wonderful memories before our lives would change forever. We decided ahead of time that on Sunday we would stay home from church to just rest and prepare for my induction the following day but that did not end up being the case!

Sunday morning I woke up feeling pretty crampy and a little different that just the reguar braxton hicks contractions that I had been feeling pretty regularly. We ate a nice breakfast and listened to a past sermon from our church before heading out for the first walk of the day. Since it was nice weather we chose to walk at the new park in Wake Forest. After walking for an hour we headed over to Moes for a delicious Mexican feast anxious to try anything that might spur on Mr. Elijah's arrival. Then we came back and I helped Jason with his bibliography for his Theology paper. I rested for a few minutes but I started having more contractions that I thought might be the real thing, but I was hesitant to say anything to Jason or my mom. I decided I would do my regular lap around the neighborhood to see if my contractions would increase. An hour later it was 6:00pm and Jason encouraged me to begin keeping track of my contractions. From 6:00-8:00 pm they were coming every 5-7 minutes. Around 8:00 I stopped by a dear friend's house to get her advice and ask her questions to see if I was really in labor. She was amazing and offered great support that really helped me. The three of us ended up walking up the huge hill several times in which my contractions became stronger and more frequent. By time I called my doctor my contractions were every 3-4 minutes apart. I decided that I would take a shower and eat one last bowl of icecream. My biggest fear throughout my pregnancy was that I would not be admitted to the hospital because I would not be in real labor. Therefore, when my doctor told me to come on into the hospital I was excited yet nervous.

We arrived at Rex Hospital and I was admitted at 11:30pm being 100% effaced and 3 centimeters dilated. After they hooked me up to all of the IV's we continued our practice of walking around the hospital. Around 2:30am I was getting pretty tired and decided to see if I could sleep. Well some things never change sure enough I slept off and on for about 2 1/2 hours. At 5:00am Jason was a saint and walked another couple of laps with me until the doctor came in and broke my water at 7:00am. Once that happened things started progressing rather quickly. In 45 minutes I progressed from 4 1/2 cm to 8cm. Around 10:30am I finally broke down and recieved an epidural which made the last few hours of labor more tolerable. My back labor was by far the worst part of the entire labor process, but I cannot complain about any of it because honestly I tell people I had a great labor experience. Right after noon I was given the okay to start pushing and at 1:22 pm Elijah Daniel entered the world weighing 8 lbs and 12 oz. and 22 inches long! After he was born the details become more fuzzy as my amazing OB Dr. G stiched me up and I was pretty exhausted from the previous labor experience. They gave Elijah his first bath and was cleared by the doctor. Then he ate for 30 minutes straight and earned his nick name piggy wiggy:)! Soon after we moved to our post-partum room and that is when the family was able to come meet our precious blessing from the Lord. We are so thankful and will continue to be reminded of God's grace in our life in giving us our first-born Elijah Daniel Purdy. Now I will leave you with one of his first pictures taken! Thanks for reading and check back soon for more updates!

It's been too long...

I cannot believe that is has been over two months since my last post but with a baby, working on grad classes, keeping up with the house etc I can believe that time flies. There were several times where I would have liked to blog but could not find the motivation to create what I would have thought would be a perfect blog post. So after talking to one of my friends I have resolved to blog more often not worrying if the post is perfect. To me, blogging is a way to document our lives as a family, post pictures for the grandparents, and now I see it as a quick outlet to share my thoughts of marriage, motherhood, and other daily ramblings that I might share.

Ever since I was a young girl I have been a list girl who loves to prioritize my responsibilities. Now that I am wife and mother I have greatly decreased my list making and am striving to spend more time enjoying the little things in life and not becoming so focused on task making. So here I am again ready to start journaling our life with our sweet son Elijah. In the days to come I will share Elijah's birth story, our first days as parents, a post about his first, second, third, and fourth month, and our wonderful vacations that we have taken so far this summer.

Stay tuned for more posts...but for now...lots of love from our home to yours!

PS- I will leave you with one picture of our sweet boy playing on our exercauser!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to the Purdy family blog

Good afternoon friends!For those of you who do not know our family personally let me give a little of background information before launching this new blog. Jason and I met, dated, were engaged, all at Liberty University where we graduated from college. We will be married two years next month- June 14th. Last summer we moved to Wake Forest, NC so Jason could attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS). The Lord blessed us with a surprise baby on March 8, 2010. Elijah is two months old and we are learning to love life with a newborn. The days might be long at times with hubby working full-time, taking seminary classes, and me staying at home with our sweet son but the weeks are already flying by. Our desire is that everything in our lives would be about the Gospel and making Christ known wherever He leads us. We are learning to surrender each day to Him knowing that an abundant life is what He intended for our family all along!

I will post many pictures, mostly for the grandparents:) of our family as we enjoy our days in seminary and seek to learn many lessons from the Lord.

Over time, I will do reflection posts that will hi-light our college days, dating, engagement, marriage, honeymoon, and first year together in VA. Next post I will begin on March 7th 2010 and document for my family how our lives have changed for the better. This blog will be a keepsake for our family, hopefully an encouragement to many, and a beacon of hope to any who read knowing that we live our lives proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will seek to document the good days, bad days, and everything in between so through all we can see God leading us daily.