Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eight Months

This month you are looking more like a little man than our baby. We are so in love you with Elijah and thankful that we get to be your parents. You have really taken a liking to solid foods and you are continuing to cut some more teeth to prove you are ready for table food.

Reasons why I adore my son and milestones I want to remember:
~you are growing so big, you don't fit in 9 month clothes anymore now you are wearing 12 months
~you decided that bottles are for babies and you prefer to nurse or drink from your sippy cup
~learned to give big, open-mouth kisses to Mommy and Daddy
~celebrated Halloween as the cutest dragon ever at a friend's church fall festival and trick or treating
~learned to sit-up and started pulling on the crib so we had to lower your crib to keep you safe
~said "da-da" for the first time

Another month of no doctor's appointments but Mommy can tell you are continuing to put on the pounds as her arm gets tired easier carrying you around:)

Each month as you grow bigger and continue to discover the world around you we are amazed at the gift God gave us. We love being your parents and having the extreme privilege to care for you each day. There is no doubt that you are a talker from the time your eyes open up in the morning you start talking to your animals in the crib and then when you see Daddy or Mommy you squeal in delight. Sometimes we have to remind you to use your indoor voice because you get excited very easily. You loved your dragon costume for Halloween and had a fun time at the church fall festival and trick or treating. This month you have been such a good eater and sleeper and this has made the days so much fun! We love every day that we have with you and are thankful to experience life as a family of three. Mommy cannot believe you are 8 months old and hardly my little baby anymore. But I also love the independence you are gaining and am excited to continue to have the first row seat as you grow into a little boy. I love you son!


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