Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's been too long...

I cannot believe that is has been over two months since my last post but with a baby, working on grad classes, keeping up with the house etc I can believe that time flies. There were several times where I would have liked to blog but could not find the motivation to create what I would have thought would be a perfect blog post. So after talking to one of my friends I have resolved to blog more often not worrying if the post is perfect. To me, blogging is a way to document our lives as a family, post pictures for the grandparents, and now I see it as a quick outlet to share my thoughts of marriage, motherhood, and other daily ramblings that I might share.

Ever since I was a young girl I have been a list girl who loves to prioritize my responsibilities. Now that I am wife and mother I have greatly decreased my list making and am striving to spend more time enjoying the little things in life and not becoming so focused on task making. So here I am again ready to start journaling our life with our sweet son Elijah. In the days to come I will share Elijah's birth story, our first days as parents, a post about his first, second, third, and fourth month, and our wonderful vacations that we have taken so far this summer.

Stay tuned for more posts...but for now...lots of love from our home to yours!

PS- I will leave you with one picture of our sweet boy playing on our exercauser!

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