Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Months

Month three brought many trips in the car to fun places and your first vacation! First, we traveled to Maryland for you to meet the rest of Mommy's family and attend Charles wedding at the Naval Academy on Memorial Day. Then we drove to Virginia for one of Mommy's dear friends Christine's wedding where you met the Hesch's. Finally you drove all the way to Florida (12 hours in the car and you were a champ!) for us to board our cruise ship. Nana and Papa generously offered to take Daddy, Mommy, and you on your first Disney cruise and a day at SeaWorld Mommy's favorite theme park. We sailed on the Disney Wonder to Nassau Bahamas and Disney's private island Castaway Cay. To say we had a great time and made many wonderful memories is a HUGE understatement. Thanks Nana and Papa for loving our family so well!

Reasons I adore my son and milestones to remember:
~Attended 2 more weddings since you entered the world
~First vacation on the Disney Cruise and day at SeaWorld
~1st roll over from back to front while playing on your playmat
~Helped Daddy and Mommy celebrate two wonderful years of marriage while being babysat by Anthony and Stephanie
~Grandpa and Grandma came to visit to watch you while Daddy and Mommy packed for our first big road trip since you came along:)
~Had several playdates with neighbors and friends from church

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
We actually skip a month and don't go to the doctor until you are 4 months, but Mommy's guess is that you are 14-15 pounds!

Mommy is so in love with you! Each day you keep getting cuter and your smiles are adorable. You really are a happy boy unless you are hungry or sleepy. This month has brought many wonderful memories we will treasure for a lifetime. I affectionately call you my chunky monkey because of your love for eating and Mommy's good milk that is putting the pounds on you. Your beautiful blue eyes and blonde baby peach fuzz melts my heart every time I lay my eyes on you. Each day you continue to grow and change and become more active. This month was a big month for developing your interaction skills. Daddy and Mommy love the way that you smile each day and laugh with us often. You bring great joy to our hearts.

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