Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Months

Month Two was a busy month for you Elijah. You took your first road trip, more relatives came to visit and meet you for the first time, and Daddy watched you all by himself so Mommy could attend her Seminary wives class.

Here are a few reasons why I love you and milestones I want to remember:
~You eat every 3 hours and sometimes will go 5-6 hours in between feedings at night which is great!
~First small group outing at 4 weeks old and met more of Daddy and Mommy's friends
~First smile at 5 weeks old and 1st laugh at 11 weeks and yes they melted Momma's heart
~Slept 6 hours at 6 weeks old in between night feedings
~Walk at the park with your friend Canon and you loved it!
~Road trip to MD to see Nana and Papa- great traveler already
~First wedding of Mommy's old college friend Amanda
~1st boo-boo when Mommy and Nana were cutting your sweet fingernails

Stats from your doctor's appnt:
Weight- 13 pounds and 3 oz.
Length- 24 inches
Shots were also given to you sweet boy but you handled them well and Mommy cried more than you I believe

Month two just keeps getting better. You are becoming a professional eater and since your growth spurts occur every week Mommy feels like we have continued on with spending many hours a day b-feeding! But I am so thankful you are a healthy baby boy and continuing to grow strong. We love you so much and thank God all the time for the love He has given us for you. When you got your first shots Mommy cried and Daddy had to help both you and me keep it together. Knowing that this will only be the first time pain is experienced in your life reminds me to cling to Jesus and ask Him to make you a courageous man ready to fight the battle. My prayer for you this month is that you would understand that the love Mommy and Daddy have for you pales in comparison to the great love Jesus has you precious boy.

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