Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nana came to stay

This past wekeend Elijah's Nana came to visit him. Unfortunately Papa and Aunt Amy could not make the trip this time, but we will look forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving! As always the weekend flew by and we wished Nana could have stayed longer. The days were packed with lots of fun and many kisses for Elijah. Nana flew in Thursday night so one of my neighbors and I drove to RDU to pick her up. Friday morning we hung out at the house because I was watching both boys. A dear friend from years past came to visit and we all enjoyed a lovely visit with her. As I get older and now that I am a mommy I am learning to treasure friendships and truly appreciate every minute that you are able to invest in other people as time is fleeting. We loved talking for hours about our faith in God, our families, memories from yesteryear, and the incredible love of God that compels us to continue to pursue relationships and opportunities He places in our lives. While we were talking I was also able to make a delicious crockpot lasagna that was very easy!

Friday afternoon we planned to make a Sam's Club run since I knew that it would be much more difficult to take two boys by myself. Our trip was a little delayed due to the dead battery in my car. Thankfully my sweet neighbor's husband was able to jump my car so I could drive it to the shop where they kindly installed a new battery for me. Not to be deterred we were off to Sam's Club to enjoy delcious snacks and stock up on household items.  Then we returned home to enjoy the crockpot lasagna in which my mother-in-law was able to join us for dinner. After dinner Jason had to take an online final and the girls and Elijah played and went on a walk.

Saturday was a bit rough for Elijah still adjusting to eating solid foods and eliminating what he ate:) but we were still able to have a nice time with my grandmother and aunt who live in Cary. They came for an early lunch and to spend time with Elijah.

 That afternoon we celebrated with our neighbor Canon for his 1st birthday party. Happy Birthday Canon! Canon and Jason share the same birthday which is pretty special. It was great to see many friends and lots of fun was had by all. Saturday night we ventured to the NC State Fair with our neighbors while Nana babysat Elijah. We had a great time but I will write a seperate post about that.

Sunday we went to church and Elijah came home with Nana while Jason and I taught the 2 year olds. Elijah had a rough morning at church so he slept most of the afternoon and then we all got ready so we could hear Jason preach at the Nursing Home. Once again Jason did an amazing job sharing the Gospel and encouraging the residents. We came home for Elijah to enjoy his first piece of watermelon and then we all headed to bed. Monday morning I drove mom back to the airport and wished her well as she flew back to Maryland.

Thanks Nana for coming to visit we had so much fun! We love you and hope you can come visit soon! Bring Papa and Aunt Amy too next time you come!

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