Monday, October 25, 2010

NC State Fair Madness

Ever since Jason and I moved to Wake Forest, NC everyone here always talked about the State Fair that comes to Raleigh every October. Last October our sweet neighbors J and D invited us to go with them to enjoy the craziness commonly referred to as the state fair. I was five months pregnant at the time and both couples had such a great time eating, walking around, eating some more, talking, eating again that we decided we would make this an annual tradition between the two families. Originally we were going to bring Elijah with us this year, but it just happened to work out that Nana was in town so she was kind enough to babysit for the evening. Thank goodness we did not bring him because it took us almost 2 hours from the time we left Wake Forest until we entered the fairgrounds. The traffice was crazy and there were hundreds of people walking everywhere trying to get into the fair.

As soon as we entered we did not waste anytime in finding our favorite spots to chow down. J & D have the route all planned out so we know exactly where the best fair food is and the best order to gobble all kinds of yumminess. We started out pigging out on some ham biscuits, steak on a stick and ribbon fries. Then we each ate a dill pickle while walking around the exhibits. We love looking at the decorative cakes that win the top prizes. Next we consumed cinnamon sugar donuts, fried cookie dough, and chocolate covered fruit. On the way out we stopped and picked up ham biscuits to go and sipped on hot apple cider.

Besides all of the delicious food we ate despite the mass of people everywhere we enjoyed the company of our great friends. We love J &D very much but unfortunately our lives are so busy that we do not get to see them often. But we look forward to our time at the fair each year to catch up, laugh together, eat together, and genuinely enjoy rich conversation. Who knows how many years the Lord will have us in Wake Forest but until we move you can bet that each October we will find a time to enjoy the NC State Fair with our wonderful neighbors!

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